One Shot Haven



5/25/14 at 6:00 PM, my house ill text you the address if needed. you can show up as early as 4:00. As of right now we will be having burgers and fries (home made). It will be a build your burger.

I will add some characters to the page and I will make them view able after the game so you will find out back story on each npc you come across. If you kill them I will release them during the one shot.

Some rules:

  1. everyone will know the same thing about there characters when we start…..Not much i will have one on one talks with everyone.
  2. I will be using 3.5 as my base for the rules.
  3. Action points are Benny’s but better you can give you action point away. Action points can also resurrect your pals :)
  4. in combat you have one minute to make your move/actions if you don’t you will be skipped. The next person will go and that’s your new slot in the initiative.
  5. coup de grace – not a thing players nor monsters get these. Monster will count this player as down and move to the next. Players will have to kill the monsters
  6. health- Hit points at neg your level plus constitution modifier means you are dead and will need to be resurrected.

One Shot Haven

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